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Death Doula

What is a Doula?

A Doula is a trained companion who supports a person through significant health-related experiences. In this context, a Death Doula has trained in the area of supporting a dying person approach their death in as peaceful & meaningful a way as is possible for them.

Death Doulas look at ways to help ease a dying persons pain and suffering – often this pain and suffering is on an emotional and spiritual level, as their medical needs are usually being very well taken care of but they’re struggling to make sense of what’s happening on a deeper level.

I use my therapeutic skills & experience - ranging from active listening, gentle aromatherapy massage or reflexology, flower essence therapy, helping to compile a life review book or a memory box – alongside my spiritual understanding of death & dying as a complex & multi-faceted experience that although is a universal experience, it is also experienced in unique ways by each person.

I aim to support each person as they approach the end of their life from an open minded and heart centered place, offering practical, emotional and spiritual support in ways that are meaningful to them. 

An area that’s close to my heart is helping to bridge the gap that can exist between the dying person and their loved ones - sometimes people have become distanced by an illness itself or a physical barrier like a hospital/hospice bed and all the equipment, it can feel intimidating to try to reach out. When the person who’s dying also wishes for this gap to be bridged I’m very happy to demonstrate to their loved ones how to offer a gentle caring foot rub or hand massage, and as we all know sometimes simply holding someones hand, with love in our heart and saying nothing at all, can be pure heart medicine. It’s my wish to help alleviate fears & sorrows surrounding death and the dying person so that everyone involved can approach the experience from a more conscious and respectful place.  

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