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Lomi Lomi Massage


Lomi Lomi

The traditional art of Hawaiian massage, a unique, relaxing and deeply pleasurable form of massage.

Unlike conventional massage, Lomi Lomi strokes are performed with the skilled use of the forearms, which simulates the feeling of waves breaking over the body.

Rolling actions with varying degrees of pressure effectively ease out areas of tension, and combined with long sweeping strokes over larger areas of the body, ensure a deep sense of connectedness and wholeness in the client.

Organic coconut oil is used on the client’s skin to create a deeply nourishing and comforting experience.


The massage helps to remove toxic waste, tension, pain and fatigue, and replaces them with positive energy, increased circulation and improved muscle tone.


Available as:

30 minutes - back massage 

60 minutes - full body 

Please note that Lomi Lomi is available at Ciúnas on Saturdays, and is offered to women only.

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