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Relax * Recover * Heal

Caring and confidential wellness therapies.

Supporting our community since 2009

Self-Care Classes & Wellness Workshops

Now available 

We are a not for profit CLG with revenue commission charity status: Rcn:200800396 


We provide rapid access to very affordable and specialist wellness-based therapies and counselling in our fully accessible centre in Feakle.

We are open to all who are in need of some affordable self-care in the short or longer-term.

Back in 2009, our founders, family carers and therapists themselves, realised that people need to be able to sometimes just 'push pause' on their daily routine. This is why Ciúnas Centre was created, to provide a space to self-reflect and reconnect in a calm and serene atmosphere and, in so doing, rebuild resilience in order to better deal with all that life can bring. 


Physical and mental wellbeing are fundamental to a healthy life, and they require practice and commitment. Our Wellness centre provides a safe and confidential setting and our fully qualified talented therapists can give you the guidance and support you need to strengthen your body, mind and soul and allow you space to relax, recover and heal. 

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We offer very affordable, supportive complementary based wellness therapies.

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