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Metamorphic Technique

Metamorphic Technique® consists of light touch applied to specific areas on the feet, hands and head, which have been found to reflect a pattern of time - the prenatal pattern - when the characteristics that you live your life with today were first established.

You can receive Metamorphic Technique® in either in a sitting or lying position, and fully clothed. It is gentle and relaxing providing a space free from direction towards a particular outcome.


This means the Practitioner does not impose their will or seek to direct your energy or life force in any way. This attitude of mind, which we call detachment, is a key aspect of this practice as it respects exactly who you are now and at the same time acknowledges your transformation potential, however that may present.

People are often drawn to the Technique in times of difficulty or transition such as: pregnancy, illness, palliative care, career changes, moving home, divorce, bereavement etc. Some people describe it like coming home to themselves.

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