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Our Therapists

Our highly trained and caring therapists provide a variety of  Wellness Therapies and Counselling in our peaceful, welcoming and fully accessible centre. 

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Julie Ann


Herbal Medicine Consultations,

Sacred Plant Medicine


Workshop Facilitation

I am a Clinical Herbalist working in the holistic health field, both as a therapist and an educator, for over 20 years.

 I enjoy helping people find their feet whilst navigating challenging times, and exploring ways to care for their health & wellbeing.

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Sinéad D

Metamorphic Technique

Having a background in Social Care it was a natural step for me to move into Holistic Care and I have practiced Metamorphic Technique for over 15 years.


Now that my children are older I'm expanding into teaching this wonderfully supportive technique to others.


I also offer Reflexology, and more recently mentoring and courses for women supporting a deepening awareness of their Menstrual Cycle.


Sinéad M


Polarity Therapy

& Lomi Lomi Massage

I have been practising the healing arts for more than 10 years.

Starting with a Reiki attunement, I went on to train as a Polarity Therapist and Lomi Lomi masseuse.


I love working with people and creating a safe and compassionate space for healing to take place.


I bring a gentle, intuitive, and supportive approach to treatments.



Deep Tissue

Hot Stone


Indian head


Kansa Vatki (feet)











 I have been a qualified reflexologist for twenty years, including a course in palliative care reflexology. 

I've worked with people of all ages.


Some of my experience includes reflexology in a cancer support centre and caring for children with special needs.


I enjoy being a part of people's health and well-being journey.


Sound Healing with the Voice,

Life Coaching, Reiki and The

Transformation Game ™

I have been involved with holistic healing since the 1990s, and have supported others to rediscover wellness and balance through creative expression, engagement with nature, and energy healing. 


As a storyteller, I sometimes say that my voice is an instrument of healing, but I also know how to listen. 


Aisling Uí D


Antenatal preparation

& support

Postpartum Doula support








Reflexology - Classical and for Women's health

Reiki & Energy Healing

I am an Intuitive Healer, Holistic Therapist with over 30 years experience in gently supporting and empowering others on their healing pathways. 

I specialises in treatments for Women’s Health including Fertility, Maternity, Menstruation and Holistic Menopause, also Neuroendocrine support, Stress Release, Skin issues, Chronic Illness and Insomnia.


My personal healing journey with Multiple Sclerosis has been an inspiration to many; a deep initiation and challenge that been a powerful teacher of acceptance, stillness and embodiment. 


As a Wounded Healer I have developed great listening skills, tenderness of touch, empathy and clarity in service to those in need of support.


Aisling C



Art Therapy

Trauma Informed Care

Sometimes in our lives whether it be from our childhood experiences or trauma that we had to face, often you can be rocked to the core.

By transforming our relationship to ourselves we can create a more positive, compassionate reality to live in. 

I am available to work with both Adolescents and Adults, trauma informed and integratively, working with clients drawing from my experience and training working creatively with talk therapies and art. 


My aim is to work collaboratively with my clients to meet them where they're at. '' A picture is worth a thousand words''  you do not have to have to be 'good' or have training to use art as a means of expression. The aim is to express ourselves freely when words may fail us. 

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