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Sound Healing

Sound healing is the therapeutic use of the voice, and sometimes instruments, to balance and harmonise a person’s whole body-mind-spirit.


This creates a space of deep rest and relaxation, where a person’s energy bodies (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) can drop their resistance to change, and allow healing to happen.​


What happens in a session?

The client lies fully-clothed on a treatment couch, and the therapist will create sound using their voice, tuning forks, and occasionally other instruments. 


The practitioner’s sounding generally results in a state of deep relaxation in which the client can open to receive new, or forgotten, information, memories, and feelings.


By activating the parasympathetic nervous system, sound healing supports the client’s willingness to relax, let go of unhealthy habits, and make the positive choices required to facilitate change. 


Resting in silence is an essential part of the treatment, after which there is time for a grounding chat about the experience. 


A session lasts about one hour.​

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