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Aura-Soma is a form of colour therapy, often described as “non-intrusive, self-selective soul therapy”.

The remedies are a collection of small bottles, each containing a layer of coloured essential oil on top of a layer of coloured spring water containing herbal extracts. The client is asked to choose the four bottles that most appeal to her/him. These are the ones most relevant to one’s physical and emotional conditions. By applying the combination of colours to the skin daily, the body can absorb the colours and rebalance.


What happens during the treatment?


The client may sit in a chair or lie on a treatment couch, fully clothed. The therapist will explore the colours with her/him and follow this with a treatment. The therapist will place her hands gently on a number of positions on the client’s body, using Aura-Soma products such as oils, pomanders and a light pen to transmit the colours that were selected by the client.

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