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Sacred Plant Medicine 

Practitioners of Sacred Plant Medicine work with the healing power of plants in order to treat the cause of an imbalance and bring about healing. Practitioners work with the spirit of the plants, along with other aspects such as vibrational essences. At the heart of Sacred Plant Medicine is our relationship with nature. By making deep connection with the plant world we can remember our own connection with all of nature.


An initial session with a Sacred Plant Medicine Practitioner involves giving a detailed health & personal history, which enables the practitioner to understand each person and identify what may be needed to restore balance. Following this consultation the client lies on the treatment couch, fully clothed, while the practitioner carries out the healing.


The practitioner will be using their finely tuned awareness while calling on the spirit of the plant/s to restore balance. The plant energies can come through in various ways such as hands on healing, rattle or other instruments, vibrational plant essence sprays and/or essential oils, all sensitively brought forward as appropriate to each individuals needs.


To complete the session the practitioner and client share any insights received during the healing, and together, look at best steps forward for the client. This may include the practitioner offering advice about herbs and flower essences, as well as suggestions around diet and lifestyle. The client will be introduced to any plant allies who have come forward to bring healing or guidance, and the practitioner will explain how the client can continue working with this plant ally and how to deepen their relationship with the plant/s.


A Sacred Plant Medicine healing session is profound Soul Medicine and provides an opportunity to reconnect with nature and restore harmony and balance in ones life.

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