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Covid News

Ciúnas Centre is working hard to get reopen to the public to provide Wellness Therapies. Meanwhile, they will be offering a series of online group workshops, after which one to one sessions with a wellness therapist will be available to work with you to make a personalised care/support plan going forward. 

Workshops will include:- 

Practical self-care

Exploring practical ways to help reduce stress and anxiety such as breathing techniques, meditation, the use of essential oils and herbs to support the nervous system, simple massage techniques you can apply to your own hands and feet, and the healing benefits of herbal footbaths. A practical course aimed at enabling clients to feel more in control and better supported

Loss and grief during Covid

Whatever the loss or losses, outlooks that will help in moving forward are kindness, understanding and care; for ourselves and others. Recognising the toll this past year has taken, while exploring ways to address any accumulated sadness, grief and stress will help not only yourself, but your family, friends and wider community too. Moving back out into our changed world is a step we’re all having to take. Taking that step with a deeper sense of understanding and some practical self-care tips will help to make the transition easier.

Loss and Death on the Frontline

Aimed specifically at frontline workers that are likely to have experienced incredibly challenging situations that no amount of training or years of work experience could have adequately prepared them for –the course offers a shared experience of looking at being on the frontline during a pandemic and what that means on an emotional and psychological level and offering support through it.

Naturopathic Nutrition

Including looking at why we get sick, from a scientific and non-scientific perspective, common lifestyle diseases, diet (a four letter word), factors that can affect your weight, how to increase nutritional value, fact finding - understanding the impacts on our bodies and minds and immunity - this course offers practical help on how to get started and stay focused.

Getting out of your head and back into your body

Looking at ways of lowering stress levels, learning simple but effective coping mechanisms such as breathing techniques and the practising of yoga to restore ease to your body and mind.

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